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Business Matching
หน่วยงานจับคู่ธุรกิจ ฝ่ายส่งเสริมการค้าและการลงทุน


สถาบันรหัสสากล (GS1 Thailand)


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Technical Visit

Organization for
Small & Medium Enterprises
and Regional Innovation of JAPAN

SMRJ offers a wide range of services to help SMEs
find solutions at every phase of their business cycles
and strengthening global business matching efforts.

Leture : “Investment Promotion of Japanese SMEs in Overseas”

Introduce “J-GoodTech” Business Matching Platform,
an online business matching platform that links trusted companies
across the world to small and medium enterprises in Japan.
Thai Entrepreneurs can get in to the system with no charge.

J-GoodTech contains more than 7,000 companies from Japan
and abroad operating in wide ranging business sectors
such as manufacturing, logistics and service industry.
And about 85% of Companies Listed are in the Manufacturing Industry.

Kirin Beer Yokohama Factory
The Kirin Brewery Company, one of Japan's four leading beer breweries,
was founded in Yokohama, a city that played a leading role in Japan's adoption
of beer from the West. The Kirin Brewery Company itself was established in 1907.  
Take a visit at a gallery with displays regarding the history of Kirin beer with
views of fermentation tanks and the canning and bottling areas.

High Light

Yaskawa Iruma Plant

Yaskawa’s core technologies are “Servo Motor”, “Controller”, “AC Drives”,
and “Industrial Robots”. Being founded in 1915, Yaskawa Electric
improves technologies and efficiency of manufacturing around the world
through Yaskawa’s new solutions.

At Yaskawa (Iruma Plant) which is Motion Control Plant located
in Saitama Prefecture, Yaskawa Robots are fully equipped in the production line
of AC Servo Motors and Controllers, Linear Servo Motors, AC Drives.
Motion & Control Products including AC Servo drives and Controllers
are incorporated in production automation, smartphones, electronic parts,
semiconductor parts, etc., that require high precision.
AC drives are used in social infrastructure, such as HVAC,
escalators, elevators, energy-saving equipment, etc.

Tokyo – Chitose Incineration Plant,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

It is a full continuance combustion fire grate Incinerator with the scale
(Furnace radix) of 600 Tons / Day. The fire grate Incinerator is the most
widespread method in Japan. Waste is slowly pushed into a burning chamber.
The stepped grates move back and forth to facilitate efficient contact between
the waste and air, ensuring stable combustion of the waste. The heat generated
by incinerators is used to make steam to generate electricity.
Incineration plants is located in 23 cities in Tokyo.

Exhibition Visit

High Light

2nd SMART FACTORY Expo 2018

Japan's largest exhibition gathering technologies
and products related to smart factories
at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
IoT | M2M Solutions |
Cloud Computing
FA Technologies
Factory Equipment & Facilities
Industrial Robots
Green Energy Solutions
Factory Equipment

Tokyo Big Sight (Concurrent Shows) :

2nd RoboDex (Robot Development & Application EXPO)
10th Automotive World 2018

SightSeeing • Worship Shopping

Toshoku Shrine Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu

Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Shopping Complex

  Dinner on
Yakatabune Boat (Tokyo Bay Ninja Cruise)
Nikko Edo Wonderland, Tochigi


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